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Songara Kamdev Churna | Men Wellness- 100 gm

Songara Kamdev Churna | Men Wellness- 100 gm

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Songara Kamdev Churna is a natural remedy for men's wellness, offering a holistic approach to addressing common challenges. It is effective for men's libido and impotency and helps treat night falls and premature ejaculation. Contains 200 gm.

Songara Kamdev Churna improves strength and endurance hence,
  • It is effective in loss of libido and impotency.
  • Songara Kamdev Churna helps in treating nightfall.
  • It is useful to cure premature ejaculation.
  • Songara Kamdev Churna is also beneficial in general debility.
  • It also enhances strength and vitality which ultimately increases stamina.
  • It nourishes muscles and nerves.
  • This powder is also used in nervine tonic and used in spermatorrhoea, sexual affliction, and debility.
  • Best For Male Problem
  • It aids in improving general strength and sexual wellness
  • It helps maintain men's reproductive health
  • It helps to enhance stamina and boost vitality
  • Men use Kamdev Churna as an aphrodisiac, which helps to treat sexual issues such as nocturnal emission, impotence, low libido, and infertility. It also increases strength and endurance.

Songara Kamdev Churna is an excellent supplement for increasing immunity, stamina, and energy while having sex. It is used by males to preserve sexual well-being. Improves sperm count and motility in oligospermia.


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