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Ayurveda: The ancient Indian medical system

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system is considered as one of the ancient, holistic and infallible medicines discovered so far.

Ayurvedic medicines are sometimes used to treat hair loss and baldness. Indian manufacturers have been popularizing Ayurvedic haircare products or remedies (or sorts) for reducing hair fall and stimulating hair growth in recent years.

With the increased consumption trend of Ayurvedic medicines in India, manufacturers are rushing to provide safe and effective Ayurvedic medicines to people. Songara is one such company that manufactures all when Ayurvedic products and hospitals.

Since its inception, Songara has set its threshold high to be the industry's most preferred Ayurvesic supplier in India and abroad with a focus on safety, integrity, customer satisfaction and most importantly product quality.

As an all-ayurveda company uses natural ingredients from Kerala, Kerala Sri Lanka, and Gujarat to manufacture over 150 different Ayruvedic herbal medicines. They aim for providing affordable cost for a variety of patients in both retail and hospital environment.

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