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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Eating Black-Spotted Bananas

Many of us avoid eating Black-spotted Bananas because we think this is not good for our health. But It is not true, Black-spotted Bananas, yellow colored fruit carries with itself a nutritional punch and is wrapped in its own pre-packaged cover. Bananas are consumed more by Americans than the consumption of apples and oranges combined. Here are the proven health benefits of eating Black-spotted Bananas:

#1: Fight With Cancer: 
 Bananas itself give us a real sense of feeling full. But you must not be knowing that more brown the banana is, more it contains TNF factor. And this is a cancer-fighting compound that prevents tumor cells to spread.

#2: Blood Pressure: Bananas contain much of potassium and less sodium which keeps the blood pressure level normal and avoid heart strokes.

#3: Depression:
Banana with elevated amounts of tryptophan is best to heal the sorrow. As it improves our disposition and influences us to feel more glad and loose. 

# 4: Constipation:
Bananas has the property to free you. It relieves you from constipation by providing natural stimulation to the bowel movements.

#5: Temperature control: 
For cooling down your hot body temperature, banana works the most. It is also beneficial at the time of fever.

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