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If You Eat Soaked Almonds Every Morning Before Breakfast, This Will Happen To You

 Almonds are known for their immense health benefits, and one of the most well-known one is the fact that they help your memory. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, zinc, calcium, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids, almonds can do a world of good when it comes to your health. But in order to absorb all those nutrients, the almonds you eat, should be soaked in water overnight. This is because their brown, rough skin contains a certain enzyme inhibitor that is meant to protect the seed until it has the perfect conditions for germination.
Almonds have a distinct and delicate flavor that can up the game of any cuisine-sweet or savory. The packaged seeds are available everywhere and in every season, albeit on a high price. But what’s money in front of health? However, if you want to have a taste of the freshest lot of almonds, you may find them during mid-summers.

How to soak almonds in water

Take 7-8 almonds (per person), put them in a wide bowl. Pour some water until almonds are completely immersed. Cover the bowl with a lid, and keep it at room temperature overnight. Some people like to keep this bowl in refrigerator but I would not suggest doing so as that hampers enzyme release, and decreases almonds nutritive value. After being soaked overnight (at room temperature) almonds get bigger in size so you need to put some extra water that would help in their expansion.

Why soak almonds in water:

– Soaking almonds activate their enzymes.
– Soaking can unlock more health benefits and make almonds easier to digest.
– Soaking almonds increases their nutritive value.
– Soaking almonds makes them softer and easier to chew, mainly a benefit to children and seniors.
– Soaking almonds eliminates the toxic materials present in their outer shell so that we can get the most out of them.

Energy Booster

Almonds are considered “superfood” because they are full of nutrients, and perfect snack for people who are on a diet. It is one such nut that contains a wide range of nutritive elements such fiber, proteins, Vitamin E, and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Eating soaked almonds make your body absorb more nutrients from them, and keep you energized for longer hours. Almonds are also a rich source of folic acid, so some people believe that these nuts are best for pregnant ladies.

Memory Booster

You must have heard elders advising kids to eat almonds if they want to do well in exams. Well the reason behind this advice is that almonds are considered a brain tonic. These can sharpen the memory and improve the intelligence especially of kids as their brain is at growing stage. The more manure you give to a sapling the more tall and healthy it will grow.

Skin Glow

As I have said almonds are a rich source of nutrients. If you eat more nutritive food it will show an impact on your skin tone. Vitamin E that is present in almonds acts as an antioxidant and improves skin tone. Almonds also speed up formation of new skin cells, and improve skin texture.

Prevent Pre Mature Ageing

Eating soaked almonds empty stomach delays ageing process and helps you remain younger-looking for long period. Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants present in these nuts can eliminate harmful free radicals from your body, thereby making your skin healthier.

Helps in the proper growth of an unborn child’s body

Soaked almonds are a great source of folic acid – an essential vitamin for the proper development of the fetus’s brain and neurological system. Moreover, when the almonds are soaked they become much easier to digest, helping a pregnant woman’s already sluggish digestive system absorb all its essential nutrients. 

Keeps your digestion in check

Soaked almonds are known to help greatly in improving a person’s digestive system. In a study published in the Journal of Food Science , it was found that eating raw, soaked almonds helped empty the stomach faster and also made digesting proteins easier.   Apart from that, the fact that the almonds are soaked deactivates the enzyme inhibiting compound (found on the skin of the almond) and initiates the release of an essential lipase, that helps in the proper breakdown of fat; therefore improving digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

Controls high blood pressure

These nuts are great for your blood pressure too. According to a study published in the journal Free Radical Research,  scientists found that eating an almond rich diet helped increases the amount of alpha tocopherol in the blood a compound that is key in maintaining one’s blood pressure. The study also found that eating almonds on a regular basis brought down a person’s blood pressure significantly (indicating a therapeutic effect on hypertension) and was especially effective in men between the age of 30 and 70.

Keeps your heart healthy

According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, almonds are very potent antioxidant agents that prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. This property of the nut helps protect the heart and entire cardiovascular system from damage and the ill-effects of oxidative stress. If you suffer from any form of heart disease, try including almonds in your diet to stay healthy. 

Maintains a check on the levels of  ‘bad’ cholesterol

High cholesterol is quickly becoming one of the most common ailments in India. High cholesterol is one factor that sets you up for a variety of diseases including heart disease and blockages in the arteries of the heart. Here’s where almonds can help. Almonds are great in lowering the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol and help in increasing the amount of ‘good’ cholesterol in the body.

Can help you lose weight

On a diet? Eat soaked almonds regularly to help hasten the process of weight loss. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity Related Metabolic Disorders adding almonds into one’s low calorie diet was extremely beneficial in weight loss. Not only did the nut help improve digestion and reduce cravings, but it also beat symptoms of metabolic syndrome — a major factor in obesity. 

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