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5 Warning Signs That You Are Suffering From Calcium Deficiency.

Do you think drinking a glass of drain is sufficient to get your day by day measurements of calcium? In any case, in all actuality, it is definitely not. In spite of the fact that calcium assumes a key part in the upkeep of solid and sound bones, it additionally helps in blood thickening, early formative development and muscle withdrawal and unwinding. This mineral can be effortlessly acquired from characteristic sustenance sources like verdant vegetables, yogurt, nuts and cheddar. 

Be that as it may, most people, especially in the age gathering of 14-20 years, experience the ill effects of calcium inadequacy because of absence of productive assimilation. Here are a few signs and side effects of calcium inadequacy you should know about.

1. Muscle cramps

Despite an adequate level of hemoglobin and sufficient water intake, if you suffer from recurring muscle cramps, you could have low calcium levels.

2. Memory loss.

The deficiency of calcium can lead to a memory loss.

3. Numbness Or Tingling

This occurs because low level of calcium makes nerves and muscles fragile and easily excitable.

4. Depression

Lack of calcium can affect your mental state and it leads to anxiety as well.

5. Frequent illness

Calcium seems to play an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system as well.

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