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Spice up your health with chillis

chilli benefits for health


Everyone knows about the spicy nature of the red chili which adds on heat and flavor to any meal. Besides giving spicy flavor, chilies add some nutritive elements to the food. Chili pepper is belonging to the family of foods, Solanaceae.
The plants of red chilly are 60 to 90 centimeters high. Its leaves are long and green. Its flowers are white. Its raw fruits are green and ripe fruits are light yellow and red. Every red chilly has many seeds which are like brinjal seeds.

The taste of red chilly is spicy. Red chilly is very famous. Both raw and ripe red chilly are used to prepare pickle. It is also used as spice.
Identification of pure Red chilly: Some shopkeeper mix wood-powder and colour in ground red chilly therefore you want to identify good red chilly, mix one-teaspoon ground red chilly in one cup of water consequently, the wood powder will float on water surface and water will be coloured.

 Taking over quantity of red chilly is harmful for the bile natured person. It may be harmful for the stomach, lungs and bladder.
Removing side-effects:
 Ghee and honey remove all side-effects of red chilly.

  • Stomach pain- Mix 1 gram powder of red chilly with 100 grams jaggery and make tablets from it. After that, take these tablet provides relief from stomach pain.
           Taking half gram red chilly with 2 grams powder of dry ginger ends stomach pain.

  • Anorexia- If the patient does not feel hunger due to bile disorder, mix 5 to 30 drops oil of red chilly seeds with puffed sugar cakes. Giving these puffed sugar cakes to him is useful to cure anorexia and increase appetite.

  • Cholera- Throw out seeds of red chilly and grind its peels to make the fine powder. Mix some camphor, asafetida and honey in it. Make tablets of 240 milligrams from the above mixture. Taking this tablet regularly cures cholera.
           One teaspoon oil of red chilly should be taken after every loose motion and vomiting. It cures                cholera within 3-4 times.
           Drinking decoction of red chilly after taking tablet of opium and toasted asafetida is useful to                 cure cholera.
           Grind red chilly finely and make tablets equal the straw berry from it. Taking one tablet with                  seven cloves after every an hour is beneficial to cure cholera.

  • Hoarseness-  Mix almond and sugar with powder of a little quantity of red chilly and make small tablets from this mixture. Taking this tablet regularly cures hoarseness.

  • Back pain- Rubbing oil of red chilly or applying paste of burnt fruits of red chilly on the body provides relief from back, thigh and others pain. 

  • Dog bite- Grind red chilly with water and apply it on the bitten part, it alleviates poisoning within some time. It also ends burning sensation consequently; pus does not occur in wound. It also ends pain.
           Applying oil of red chilly on the affected part ends itching, scabies and joints swelling. It                         alleviates dog bite and wasp poisoning.

  • Boils, pimples and itching- Take oil of red chilly; it ends itching, cures boils and pimples, which occur in rainy season.
          In the summer season, if someone suffers from blisters or pimples on the body, apply red chilly             oil on the body, it cures blisters and pimples and, ends itching.

  • Boosts Immunity- Foods rich in vitamin C help to boost the immune system. Red chilies have immunity boosting vitamins like vitamin A, B and C; all of which help to protect against certain pathogens that is responsible for disease. Vitamin C helps to treat Colds and Flu and to ward off symptoms of influenza. Vitamin A, the anti-infection vitamin is necessary for healthy mucous membranes, which line the lungs, nasal passages, urinary tract and intestinal tract. Thus, it serves as the body's first line of protection against attacking pathogens.

  • Cardiovascular Health- Red chili peppers have been shown to help decrease blood cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, as well as platelet aggregation. As well, it raises the body's capability to dissolve fibrin, which is an essential substance for the formation of blood clots.

  • Weight Loss- After eating red chili peppers, all that heat you feel consumes a lot of energy and calories to generate, which means red chilies have a thermogenic (heat production) effect, same way as exercise does. As well, red chili peppers help to accelerate digestion and metabolism.

  • Cancer Protection- Capsaicin found in red chili peppers prevents the spreading of prostate cancer cells by a variety of mechanisms. Maybe, it works by inhibiting the expression of PSA (prostate specific antigen). Red chili peppers also help to prevent stomach ulcers by killing bacteria that you have ingested. As well, they stimulate the stomach lining cells to secrete defensive buffering juices.

  • Fight Inflammation- In a recent study, it has been shown that a diet containing of hot chillies reduce the risk of cancer. As per many clinical studies, it has been shown that natural capsaicin slow down the growth of leukemia cells and helps to prevent prostrate cancer.

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