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Want a glowing skin? Use this awesome tricks!

Ayurvedic prescriptions for gaining and caring for shiny skin

Who does not know Aryuvad and its utility This traditional Hindu medicine system, which keeps body balance through food and herbs, has always been useful and continues to benefit human beings. Ayurvedic medicines, one of the four Vedas, one of the Atharva Vedas, this medical practice has been going on for centuries and has been treating the human body in every way.
How to get white skin, in Ayurveda system, women can achieve women and men's beauty by household items.

  • Body scrub

Uptan is Ayurveda in the form of a medical method since ancient times, it is made to daily regularly for a period of 3 to 6 months, then there is incredible changes in skin.
Take 1 spoon of almond powder, 1 teaspoon cashew nut, 1 spoon pistachio, 1 spoon of cream, 1 spoon of wheat oil, 1 spoon rose water, 1 quatth cup red lentil and 1 teaspoon gram flour. Grind all this ingredients and make paste and apply this rubbish on the face upwards. Wash with cold water 20 minutes after drying.

  • Papaya

Papaya is also useful for health along with skin. Papaya is similar to a natural face mask to remove dead cells from the skin and increase dirt and increase the skin's glow. Take out the pulp of the papaya and mix some drops of milk in it and slowly massage on the face and wash with water after 10 minutes. Apply it 3 times a day, as well as papaya cooking is also beneficial for getting pimpy skin.

  • Tomato-whitening tips

Getting cheaper in the market and always available red tomato also serves bleaching agents for the skin, which makes it shiny by cleansing dust and dirt from the skin. Cut a tomatoes into two parts and rinse it on the skin and after some time wash it with water, it is the best Ayurvedic method of looking beautiful for men. Tomatoes can also be applied with lemon and cucumber juice.

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