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This remedies for knee pain will make you young like your 30's

➡ Knee Pain:

In today's changing environment, there are some changes in food and drink, because today it is not pure food ingredients mixed with old age. This is the reason that in today's modern and scientific age, there is a stand of diseases, one of which is the pain of knee pain. We have seen many elderly men struggling with knee pain. They do not get any relief even after taking medicines day by day. There is a lot of trouble in walking around and at the same time folding knees, difficulty sitting and sitting. Sometimes they may feel so much pain that they can not even sleep well and they even come to sleep in their knees. Bone diseases increase with age. Today, we will tell you the effective solutions of knee pain which is very effective if you adopt them, then you will not need any support till old age. If you run like a horse, then let's know about these remedies.

  •  Miraculous domestic panacea of ​​knee pain:

1. Harsingar is a plant that has white flowers, flowers bloom in the night, and in the morning, grind 6 to 7 leaves of this plant and make it a sauce and boil it in a glass of water. When it boils boiling it becomes half, then after humming it, drink empty stomach daily. Doing this will save you from the pain of your body and joint. Do not take any other medication with this medicine. This remedy is most effective.
2. Boil the leaves of the saffron and make the chutney of its leaves and mix it with sesame oil and massage the knees. By doing this you will get rid of pain.
3. If you have pain in your knees, then keep 2 teaspoons of fenugreek soaked in a glass of water every night. And in the morning the empty stomach fenugreek chewing chewing and drinking water from fenugreek will never hurt you.
Put 4-5 garlic buds in a glass of milk and boil well and drink lukewarm also provides relief in knee pain.
Eating coconut every day you will never have trouble with knee pain even in old age.
5 nuts will never hurt your knee by eating empty stomach everyday.
Before bedtime, add a glass of milk and add turmeric to it. You will get rid of the problem of pain in the bones.
You will not have any pain in the bones after drinking a little bit of lentils (which you eat in a pan) by mixing it in curd or water. Lying water should always be easily rested immediately after sitting and drinking it. If you have any pains in the body of this body only after drinking this medicine for 1 month then it will be well cured.
You will benefit from doing a good posture in the morning and evening.
To avoid bone pain, you will have to bear 25% fruits and vegetables in your diet so you will never have to face bone pain.
Coconut, apples, oranges, seasonal, bananas, nuts, watermelons and melons etc., eat fruits everyday.
Must include cauliflower, soybeans, cucumbers with green leafy vegetables, cucumber, carrots, and fenugreek.
Foods made from milk and milk eat plenty and include raw paneer in the food, doing so will reduce the pain of your joints.
Use rough grains, corn, millet, bran flour rotis Because they contain all the elements that relieve your pain of bones and joints.
If your grandfather or grandmother has a lot of pain in the knees due to excessive winter, cook garlic and oatmeal in mustard oil and then when the oil becomes lukewarm, then massage the knees, their pain will be touched.

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