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Replace caffeinated drinks with these healthy beverages this summer!

With the temperature rising day by day, we should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea as they are not good for health. Instead one should opt for healthy caffeine-free beverages that will help cool the body down in this scorching heat.
Here are a few healthy caffeine-free beverages:
➡️Barley tea
This summer, start consuming barley tea as it is caffeine-free that helps control blood sugar levels. It is rich in lignans, antioxidants that lowers cancer and heart diseases.
➡️Fennel tea
Fennel tea helps to cool down the body temperature in this scorching heat. The tea can be prepared by boiling a teaspoon of seeds in water.
➡️Hibiscus tea
Because of its antioxidant content, cholesterol-fighting and liver-cleansing properties, hibiscus tea can be a great replacement for your morning cuppa during this hot season. It has a distinct sour taste and is a brilliant, ruby red in colour.
➡️Mint tea
Mint tea is one of the best caffeine-free drinks for summer season as it helps to cool the body temperature down. Take a few leaves gently and add to cup of steaming water and sip on it.

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