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Get rid of knee pain for forever! Use this trick

Home remedies for knee pain

Kidney pain or any disease or disease does not come to an end. When we disrupt the rules of nature, adopt wrong methods of eating, adopt bad habits like smoking or candor, or use excess body part of the body, then the disease increases in our body. Life of modern comforts, consuming more lube-rich substances increases the growth of blood and blood. There is pain in the knees. Most of the pain is in the sensation, which causes pain in the knees. Most of these problems are seen in lazy and obese people, and increasing weight of the body increases the burden on the treatments, causing the disease to be infected, the injury of the lymph nodes, the wrong eating habits, the increase in soreness in the blood, And the indigestion is also due to this.
Treatment of knee pain by diet

1. Grate the fenugreek finely. Take a spoonful of fenugreek powder with fresh water in the morning. It provides relief in knee pain.
2. In the morning, chew the stomach 3-4 nut trees well and eat it.
3. Eat a piece of coconut kernel every day. If you do not get fresh coconut then eat the coconut kernel.
4. Soak 100 grams of dates, one glass of water in the night. Munch the empty stomach in the morning and eat it. It provides relief in knee pain.
5. Swallow 3-4 grains of garlic with water every day.
6. Grind 100 grams of small herb by decoding it. Take 5 grams of herb powder with lukewarm water or milk while sleeping at night.
7. Grind 10 grams dry ginger, 10 grams of celery, 5 grams of black salt, 20 grams of dry egg powder and take half a teaspoon at bedtime. It provides relief in knee pain.

Treatment of knee pain by sec

1. Put oil on the knee pain area. Then keep the place in the shape of akha leaves and keep cotton from above and put a red cloth band. It provides relief in knee pain.

2. Crush the fresh 5-6 cards of Nirgundi and put it in a clay pit and heat it by putting the lid. After a while the leaves will become soft and soft. Tie these hot leaves on the knees and place them on top of the cloth band. Do this twice a day.
3. Grind the seeds of castor seeds, mix a little sarso oil and a little camphor, wrap the knees and cloth. Now heat it hot.
4. Boil water with 2 liters of water, add some neem leaves, a little celery, fenugreek seeds and half teaspoon salt, then filter it. Put 2 napkins in the prepared water and heat it hot.
5. Put 5 grams of ginger and 50 grams black salt in 100 heated celery and let it dry in a dry embroidery. Tie hot in a napkin and let both knees fall. It provides relief in knee pain.

1. After roasting, wrap the sheet for 10 minutes.
2. Do not drink anything after 15 minutes after drinking.
3. Do not sit and sit in high air.

Treatment of knee pain by Yoga

1. To repair knee pain, lie straight on the waist hair, often running a bicycle while kneeling.
2. Do not fold the knees down the foot 20 times.
3. Keep the cushion in the knees and keep the hot pillow below. Do this posture for 5 minutes.
4. Cover the belly hair and fold the legs and hold the audio with both hands.
5. Red knit cotton cloth bundle should be at least 6 inches wide on both knees. Always keep the pawvo in front of the sun between 7 to 7.30 in the morning so that the sun's ray can fall on the feet comfortably.
6. Apply oil regularly to the night. Oil should be red.

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