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Getting Aged? Stop Aging with this Medicine!

Hey guys, welcome to new home remedies and today i am gonna tell u about some new facts of your body that can enhance your lifestyle. So before continuing to this video, please subscribe and like our channel for daily health updates.

So, guys for this remedies you'll need:
1. Fenugreek seeds that is 250g

2. Carom seeds -100g

3. Purple Flea-bane seeds-50g

So, how will u prepare this medicine:
1. You have to clean and rinse all the stuff with water and make sure that it does not have any dirt.
2.You have to bake it for some minutes so that it willl get little bit warm.
3. and after that you just have to mix all the things together and blend it in a mixture and just put keep it in an air tight glass jar.

The dosage of this medicine also quit simple:
YOu have to take one tablespoon at night with lukewarm water before sleeping. Guys you have to have sure that you dont have to eat anything after having this medicine.
It is useful for all the age groups and for everyone. and you'll be able to see the benefits within 90 days.

-Guys. this medicine is useful for strengthing your bones as it contains good amount of calcium. So if you have deficency of calcium so u must need to have this medicine.
-Guys, it will also help u to increase your eye sight and will protect u from any eye problem.
-If you have hair problems like hair loss, then this medicine also good for u as it provides hair nourishment and strength to your hair.
-It helps u for better digestionand can help you to loss weight as soon as possible. Due to tha high amount of fiber content it helps u to enhancement of digestion power.
-It helps to improve the blodd flow through out your body and increse your stamina.
-The minerals in this medicine will also help u to oversome stress and depression.
-The best part of this medicine is that it will help u to regulate ur diabetes and make ur heart stronger.

-Please make sure that u r not using Nigel seeds instead purple flea-bean seeds as both of them as similar in looks.

I hope guys u liked this video and please like and subscribe to our channel for daily health updates.

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