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You Have Been Drinking Water Wrong Your Entire Life And It Is Affecting Your Health

It is said that drinking water while standing is harmful for health. Everyone must have heard this statement from the elders in family. But have you ever bothered to pay heed to their advice? I am sure many of you have not even given a thought about it.

I have seen people drinking water hastily while standing in a single sip. You'll be shocked to know that drinking water while standing has severe side effects on health. Health experts recommend drinking water in sips while sitting. But how does it make any difference?

Well! It is an old wives tale that drinking water while sitting can help you get the maximum health benefits out of it. But it is true to a great extent. So lets check out some scientific reasons cited by the health experts which support this old wives tale.  

Water gets splashed in the stomach wall on consumption in standing position.

When you devour water while standing, it streams down the gut and sprinkles on the stomach divider. The sudden water sprinkle can hurt the stomach divider, encompassing organs and entire gastrointestinal tract. Long haul practice may even disturb the working of stomach related framework.

Filtration of water from kidneys is influenced on utilization in standing position. 
Because of deficient filtration, contaminations may assemble in bladder, kidneys or blood consequently bringing on kidney harm and urinary tract issue.

Arthritis is caused due to long term practice of drinking water in standing position. 

The utilization of water in standing position bothers the adjust of body liquids and causes overabundance aggregation of liquids in the joints in this way bringing about joint inflammation

Consumption of water while standing can also cause nerve tension in your body. 

The thoughtful arrangement of the body is enacted on devouring water in standing position. This framework is otherwise called 'battle and flight framework' of the body. Then again, the body is casual while sitting which enacts the parasympathetic arrangement of the body. This 'rest and process framework' quiets the nerves and facilitates the assimilation procedure in the body.

Drinking water while sitting can help in getting rid of GERD 

Utilization of water while standing sprinkles water on lower some portion of throat cruelly. This prompts to expansion and unwinding of sphincter (joint amongst throat and stomach). Because of the unsettling influence in sphincter, acids in stomach begin streaming in reverse which causes blazing in the throat. This grouping of occasions causes the vibe of acid reflux and ulcers.

On the off chance that you have the propensity for drinking water while standing, then you may get to be casualty of acid reflux.
Sensory system and body muscles are casual in sitting position which invigorates faculties and nerves to promptly process the drink.

It is mentioned in Ayurveda that water must be consumed slowly in small sips. 

There is no harm in drinking water while standing sometimes but long term practice can cause severe health problems.
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