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Observe SHOCKING Benefits Of Putting Onion On Your Feet

Did you know that the bottom of your feet are powerful and direct access points to internal organs in your body? These are known as meridians in Chinese medicine, and they are pathways to each organ within your body. Some argue that meridians do not exist, but those who understand Chinese medicine know that the meridian system is very closely correlated with the nervous system. So if you are aware that you have nerves and a nervous system, you are aware that you have meridians too.
Step 1: Cut Up Organic Onions Into Slices (White or Red Onions) Use organic onions because they are free of pesticides and other chemicals that you don’t want sitting on your feet, and entering your bloodstream all night. Cut the onions into flat slices so that they can be applied to the bottom of your entire foot (like a platform), and the bottom of your feet are immersed with onion while you sleep.

Step 2: Put A Slice Of Onion In Each Sock And Sleep! As you sleep, the natural healing powers of the onion will go to work through your skin (trans-dermal application) purifying your blood, killing bacteria and germs, as well as absorbing toxins! It will also help to purify the air in your room. In England, during plagues they would chop up onions and leave them in the room to purify the air, and to help them not be susceptible to infections, the flu, or anything that may harm them.

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