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Lajwanti Mimosa Pudica Sensitive Touch Me Not Plant Uses

  • Mimosa Pudica is very useful natural herb plant with many medicinal uses. It is popular with Hindi names Chuimui, Lajwanti and Lajalu. It is very sensitive plant and on touch mimosa leaf gets shrinkage so it is known asTouch Me Not Plant, Shame plant or Sensitive Plant. Mimosa Pudica is medicinal organic plant of Fabaceae family with Mimosoideae sub family. Mimosa leaves are bipinnately compounded in pairs with 10–25 leaflets per plume. Lajwanti or Mimosa Pudica has many health benefits and some main are mentioned below:

◆ Lajwanti Mimosa Pudica Sensitive Touch Me Not Plant Uses or Health Benefits :

    1. In cough treatment, wear the garland of Mimosa root pieces.
    2. In severe hemorrhoids bleeding, Use 3-4 gram Mimosa Pudica root powder with curd or butter. You can prepare the decoction of Lajwanti Chuimui almanac (Leaf, Fruit, Flower, Root and Stem) 5 gram powder in 400 gram water. On remaining 100 gram solution use this decoction to cure excessive hemorrhoids bleeding. Click here to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids
    3. In ladies who are suffering with Rectal prolapse and vaginal prolapse problems use the 10 gram Lajwanti powder decoction. Mix it with Vaseline or Glycerin and apply on hanging flesh or suffered area. You can also use the paste of Mimosa Pudica leaf and make a light massage. Clean rectal and vaginal area with leaves extract mixed in water with cotton regularly to treat these disorders.
    4. To treat breast lumps, use the paste of Touch me not Plant root or leaves.
    5. In Diarrhea and Dysentery treatment, use the decoction of Mimosa Pudica.
    6. To treat Goitre, prepare the paste of sensitive plant and apply on the throat.
    7. In kids tonsils, prepare the paste of Touch Me Not Plant leaves and apply on the throat.
    8. In Uterus imperfection treatment, use Mimosa Pudica seeds for regular some days.
    9. Hydrocele Treatment- In hydrocele treatment, boil the Senstive Plant leaves or prepare the paste of leaves and apply on testicles.
    10. To treat Diabetes, daily use 5 gram powder of Mimosa tree almanac (Leaf, Fruit, Flower, Root and Stem) empty stomach.
    11. In Kidney Stone treatment, prepare the decoction of 5 gram Mimosa plant almanac in 400 gram water. On remaining 100 gram solution use this herbal solution.
    12. Touch Me Not Plant is also used to treat heart and kidney enlargement. Use the decoction of this organic herb to treat these disorders.
    13. To treat infrequent urination or urinary disorders use the Mimosa Pudica almanac decoction.
    14. External Uses- Mimosa Pudica is also used to treat external diseases or disorders like Inflammation, lumps, and severe Prepare the paste of Lajwanti leaves and apply on suffered area.
  • You must use these amazing health benefits of Chuimui or Lajwanti. Treat disease at home with Mimosa Pudica Sensitive Touch Me Not plant to create healthy living.

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